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  1. If there's a trigger from markers on the map, the culprit might be my mouse. Often when I do a singleclick, it registers as a doubleclick and causes the game to set a sign on the map, when I infact only wanted to do a shift + singleclick for a customwaypoint. I was an admin for a short while on an arma2 taki life server, and I can see why there's a zero-tolerance against scripts. The kids were flooding in, ruining the server with cheats. Anyway, I'm thankful for sorting this out. /Erik
  2. Nice. It seems the server flaged me as a hacker for... "inserting markers on the map" ? Guilty as charged. Never knew I couldn't put markers on the map to display relevant info to my squadmates. Oh well, it's all up to you. I've never ever used any hacks in a multiplayergame in my whole life, but if you say so then there's nothing I can do.
  3. No addons downloaded or activated. These are the mods I've got downloaded: Mods My ingame name is "Erik". In the forumpost you linked, they keep refering to a a3 hacker file inside the arma install directory, but I can't find it. Does anyone have the full directoryadress?
  4. Hi! Played on your wastelandserver for a few hours without problems, but all of a sudden my game crashes, and I can't rejoin. When I try to connect now, I get all the way to the screen where you choose your faction, and when I click OK it loads for a few seconds then crashes. With the errorcode "Include file a3w:ForceQuit not found". I can play on other servers just fine, but this one keeps kicking me out. I tried validating my files on steam, also deleted my wasteland mission file to force a fresh download, but to no avail. Please help. /Erik