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  1. Secretone GTA-RP Laws Traffic • Highway Speed Limit - 140 km/h • Double Lane Road Speed Limit - 70 km/h • Small Road Speed Limit - 50 km/h • Right turn on red is legal (Note that the vehicle must come to a complete stop before turning and be in the correct lane.) • Driving without a license is considered a felony. • Driving a heavily damaged vehicle on the road is Illegal. • Driving a vehicle without breaking signals & headlights is Illegal. Firearms • Carrying a firearm inside a city is Illegal. • Carrying a firearm outside a city is legal. • All full / semi-automatic firearms is Illegal. • A firearm is only to be used for work. Such as hunting. • Any use of firearms outside work is considered a felony. (Unless permitted by State-Police.) Illegal Drugs & Money • Weed & Meth is considered Illegal. • Paramedics may use Weed / Marijuana to treat their patients. • Drug Trafficking is a felony. • Consuming Illegal drugs is Illegal. • Usage of Drug Money is Illegal. • Money laundering is a felony.
  2. Som det står i titlen... Sa ju fan att den inte kunde bromsa xD Fyfan vilken natt gubbar ;)
  3. Bara jag som upplever fps drops som ej försvinner förens man startar om spelet? Mina specs är GTX 970, I5 6600K Skylake. Så kan knappats vara något fel på datan. Detta hände aldrig under beta dagen dock.