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  1. at the hospital or what??
  2. how do i get money when i drive taxi. do they have to give it to me or what? please help me
  3. In game name: Oscar Lindström Teamspeak name: Affeboyy Age: 16 Country: Sweden Can you speak english? yes Have you read the Rules and Understand the laws? yes For how long have you been playing rolplaying games? some month, not so mutch on gta. on Arma Have you ever been a Medic on another server ? If so name the server. No Your active timeperiod per day: 18-22. shifting Why would you like to be a Medic on Secretone server? I want to be paramedic because it would be more fun to roleplay and i will take it as a serious job. Let everybody else have a better roleplay experienc. i think im a good guy because im calm and if problems comes up im trying to solve them. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I play games with friends for fun, im not going to be on the server every day. i go in school and doing things irl. i cant get 100 word but i wrote as much so you get to know me.
  4. Hello Is it possible to make me medic because i really like rp and it would be funny to try a new job. :)