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  1. Everithing seems ok to me ...
  2. Name: Michael (Cernwolf) Ingame name : Joseph Wolf Teamspeak name: Cernwolf Age : 30 Country : Czech Republick Speaking English : yes Rules and Laws : yes Time expiriance with roleplay : 1 month Medic on a nother server : no (not gta) activity : depends on work , 10-13 -afternoon shift- 20 - 23 ; mornig shift- 14 - 23 (with pauzes from gaming) Why would I like to be a medic : I found this server about 2 weeks back , I like plaing on it . I was able to try almost everithing server provides for players and acomplished my personal goals . So I thought that I could try out a medic to be of help to players in the server. About my self : I think I am a no conflict kind of guy , bit goofy at some times :D By apliing as a medic I fill in the gap server needs to be filled .