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  1. Hello, my ingame name is Blondybrunost, and my Teamspeak name is officially Sigve_viking, but i have changed it to BLondyBrunost on your server, so that it is easy to see who is speaking. I am 21 years old, and live in norway. I do speak english and can both understand and be understood. I have read the Rules that Feffe has posted on the Gta Rp Server, i have read them prior to this apllication, so my knowledge of the rules, shall be up to date. I have honestly not been roleplaying for long, i hav only done it on this server, because your server is worth it. Also i have never been a mechanic in fiveM before, but i hope it wil change, and it will be a wounderful experience. For the most of the time, i play from around 15:00 to around 02:00, i do have brakes between, but i find it fun and rewarding to play as loong as i do. I would like to be a mechanic on this server, because i want to participate in the roleplay it beholds, and i do like cars, and a role as a mechanic has always amused me, also i rarely see mechanics on, so i wish to be one that people will se pop up and hopefully recognize my name so they know that they can get the help they need. I do intend to cast myself into the roleplay, and be a asset that is posetivly affect the server. i hope that i will be valuable for you, butt i want my actions too show that not my words, and i do really hope that i get the chance to play the role of a mechanic. and thats why i hope you choose me. if you have any questions, feel free to contact me, i also only registered on the teamspeak, im not using it as it is not meant for people like me unless i get whitelisted.