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  1. try shutting off windows defender heard other ppl complain about it and it fixed it
  2. accepted come TS
  3. Accepted come TS
  4. Accepted come TS
  5. Approved come TS
  6. Approved contact us on teamspeak tomorrow
  7. yeah either you come to an aggrement with the customer or drive AIs start with DEL key
  8. there is coming over 50 cars soon
  9. We got a fully functioning towing system, both with towing and flatbed truck
  10. Tried it works ok bit buggy tho perhaps install later when more functions are added
  11. Installed and working
  12. I´ll remove the ban maybe false positive as you say
  13. is this you 76561198022268482 yea thats you, this is what our antihack log say "RscDisplayInsertMarker (JME)" maybe stop using hacks then you wont get in trouble
  14. ere kleggo på bild va
  15. Trevligt midsommar gottfolk så får vi se om nån trillar in på ts dyngrak inatt =)
  16. sprit
  17. Var det rektum som undersöktes
  18. Ha det bra mannen.
  19. det är fullt kaos på nätterna kottar o rasmus har en dispyt över ca 1 ton sten ? :D
  20. Tja ifall nån har en extra invite till den luren så skicka gärna en till mig, min gamla samsung 3a har gjort sitt tack