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GTA RP Rules

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Here are some of the rules we have on our GTA RP server.
First offence : 1 week ban
Second offence : Permanent ban
Mass VDM / RDM
Permanent ban
Fail Rp (some people have problems adjusting to rp, hence the extra chances)
First offence : warning
Second offence : 3 days ban
Third offence : 1 week ban
Fourth offence : Permanent ban
Video proof or admin observation
will make it easier to give out warnings / bans
No respect for the community rules or an admin.
Permanent ban
You are not allowed to open fire from the driving seat.
If you need help by medic/mechanic/police. Make sure you are at the location where you sent the text from. (If you are offroad or in the a field make sure you text for help near a road)
Here are some of our rules(some of the rules might get changed over time so make sure to check in here now and then)
Thank you for being part of our great community, we hope you enjoy your time here!
// Secretone
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