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Medic Application

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In game name:Danubis
Teamspeak name:Danubis
Can you speak english? Yes

Have you read the Rules and Understand the laws? Yes, I understand
For how long have you been playing rolplaying games? more than 8 months
Have you ever been a Medic on another server ? If so name the server. No, but I have friends who are doctors and I learned from them some things that I will need in the future to be a good doctor
Your active timeperiod per day (eg: 17-22) 5 - 6 hours per day
Why would you like to be a Medic on Secretone server? (Minimum 100 words) I like to be a Medic because is very apreciated job, and i like to help players.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why you would be a valuable player? (Minimum 100 words) I would be a valuable player because I'm a trusted man you can rely on and with a mature mind that wants to play on this awesome server with a great staff and the same players

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We have looked at your application and you have been ACCEPTED. You are welcome on our teamspeak to get your teamspeak tag and whitelist! Write to Feffe and he will help you!


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