Paramedic application

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In Game Name: Loke Durant, Steam (atm): Lowkeyy

Ts: dont have teamspeak

age: 15 but i act more mature than other teenagers.

Country: Sweden

Can you speak english: yes im pretty good at it tbh.

I do understand the laws

I have been playing roleplaying games alot. its one of my fav game types.

No i have not been a paramedic before.

I dont  know it what time period but i play atleast 2 hours a day for the most part.

I want to be a paramedic cuz I feel like that would make my roleplaying much more fun and i would take my job super serious and that would make the rest of the server have a better roleplay experience. I also think that I would make the server a better place for everyone when I save the people in coma. As i said im a 15 year old boy from sweden who loves playing gta 5 rp and other games ofcourse. I think that im a nice person and would never grief or doing any bad thing towards the server or the people on it. i think i am the right man to get this paramedic job and my friend (yanx) is also a fitable medic that i would gladly work with.


Sorry if my english was a bit bad but i am much better at speaking english.

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