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Name: Ristus
In game name: Ristus
Teamspeak name: Ristus
Age: 27
Country: Norway
Can you speak english? yes

Have you read the Rules and Understand the laws? I have and I understand them.
For how long have you been playing rolplaying games? 2 years
Why would you like to be a Mechanic on Secretone server? (Minimum 100 words)
Well being a mechanic seems like something i would enjoy and it fits me as a person, I like to help people out and looks like a challenge I would take on everyday.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why you would be a valuable player? (Minimum 100 words)
My name is Kjetil, i'm 27 years old and I live in Norway in a rather big city called Drammen,
I`ve been workingf with cars for many years and i actually driving drifting in norway in real life. I have always loved games but also always wished to play a game thats similar to real life,I think I would fit as a mechanic and help people in troubles out. 
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wrong spelling

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Hey Ristus, are you still active on our Gta server?


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