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Secretone GTA-RP



• Highway Speed Limit - 140 km/h

• Double Lane Road Speed Limit - 70 km/h

• Small Road Speed Limit - 50 km/h

• Right turn on red is legal (Note that the vehicle must come to a complete stop before turning and be in the correct lane.)

• Driving without a license is considered a felony.

• Driving a heavily damaged vehicle on the road is Illegal.

• Driving a vehicle without breaking signals & headlights is Illegal.



• Carrying a firearm inside a city is Illegal.

• Carrying a firearm outside a city is legal.

• All full / semi-automatic firearms is Illegal.

• A firearm is only to be used for work. Such as hunting.

• Any use of firearms outside work is considered a felony. (Unless permitted by State-Police.)


Illegal Drugs & Money

• Weed & Meth is considered Illegal.

• Paramedics may use Weed / Marijuana to treat their patients.

• Drug Trafficking is a felony.

• Consuming Illegal drugs is Illegal.

• Usage of Drug Money is Illegal.

• Money laundering is a felony.

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