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Shlomi Ohayon

Medic Application - Shlomi Ohayon

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name : Shlomi Ohayon

ingame name : Shlomi Ohayon (Steam : Boorekas)

Teamspeak Name : ShlomiOhayon11

age : 17 

country : israel 

can you speak english : yes

have you read the rules and understand the laws : yes 

how long have you been playing role-playing games : a bit more than 4 years

your active time perios per day : 7-12 hours

why would you like to be a medic in the secretone server : ive seen there are not a lot of medics on the server , also i would like to help the server the most i can and by that i mean taking a really helpfull job :)

tell us about yourself : my name is shlomi im 17 years old , ive benn playing video games since i was 5 if they were shooting sports and even light-rp games , i started playing role play in gta sa-mp on a server called i had a job there as a cop and since then i played a lot of role-play  and still playing;)


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Hello Shlomi! Since we have a few new paramedics now, we will put your application on HOLD


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