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Beginners guide for the GTA Rp server!

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 First and the most important is to have a working microphone, if you dont have a working microphone you will be instant jailed or you will be removed from the server.
 "How to start your life in Los Santos"
 You will first spawn at the airport.
 And you will get a menu that tells you to registrate your character. Follow the steps.
 After that you need to create your apperance, means how will your character look like.
When these two steps are done you have started your new life as an unemployment civilian in Los Santos. Make sure your name is realistic and not like "Gangzta coolboi" (we will delete that account when we see it)
 To get from the Airport simply call a taxi with the phone (F2 and taxi) or run.
"How to enable the microphone in GTA RP"
You simply go to Settings -> Voice chat and enable everything. Make sure to enable Push to Talk. And the Volume should be on max on everything. And  use N to talk.
"Basic keys for our GTA 5 RP server"
F1 Vehicle menu (here you can start/stop the engine,and open doors)
F2 Phone (you can call cops/medics/mechanics) here
F3 Personal use, Here you can Pee, show id and driving license to others and do emotes.
T is where you start the chat, You can use /me /tweet /ooc /help /rules.
K is your inventory.
L is your vehicle inventory.
Y is where you get your key to your car and Lock/unlock it.
N is the key you use for ingame voice.
Turn signals is left and right arrow keys.
- on your numpad is the speed regulator, and you can adjust the speed with PageUp/PageDown
"Why is there 3 kinds of dollarsigns?"
Green dollarsign is the money you have on you. Like your cash in the pocket.
Red dollarsign is the DIRTY money you have on you, the red dollars you can use to buy guns, or you can laundry the money to green dollars.(needs to be a few cops online)
Blue dollarsign is your money you have on the bank.
"Basic working information"
You choose job at the unemployment center (White exclamaiton mark)
When you have choosen a job you will get 5 markers on the map, 1-5
1 is where you sign in
2 is where you get your working vehicle
3 is where you pick up the raw material for your job
4 is where you make your raw material to the material you need,
5 is where you sell your material.
To make weed you need to go to the Weed plantation (Bill & Daves farm) There you will plant and pick up cannabis.Remember that the cannabis wont instant grow.
When you are done with that you go to Joe's shady hut and process the cannabis to joints.
When you have process the cannabis to joints you drive down to the Weed Buyer.
And there you sell the joints to walking pedestrians.
To make Meth you need a RV (Journey)
Then you go to Methylamine Storage and fill your RV with that to 100%
When that is done you go to Meth Process and you will start to cook meth
When you have cooked your meth you go to Meth Buyer and sell your meth
If you choose to work as a taxi driver you need to go to marker 1 to sign in, and 2 to get your taxi. And you can use DELETE to drive NPCs (and birds) You accept calls by pressing F5 and go to missions.
"How to eat and drink"
To get food and water you need to go to a store, and buy food 10$ water 7$
To use food and water you simply press K and choose what you need to have.And press ENTER then USE
"How do rob the bank and the stores"
To rob the bank you need to go inside the bank, and go to the room at the back. There will be a red circle there and you press E to start robbing it. The same with the stores. 
"I died, what do i do now?" 
You got two options. Press F2 and call a paramedic or respawn, if you choose to call a paramedic, you need to wait, they usely have lots to do but it will be more fun for you, and for the paramedic. If you choose to respawn, you will lose everything you have on you.
"How do i get my driving license?"
Go to the DMW (green briefcase on map) And do the two tests. If you fail, you need to wait 24 hours before you can try it again. If you pass the driving tests you need to go to the "State department" Market with a P on the map. There is a NPC guard there that you need to talk to. Congratulations if you pass the tests! Drive safe!
"How do i get a car"
You can buy one, or steal one.
You buy cars at the car dealership (Marked with a white car on the map) the cost of the cars is between 10k to 2+ mil.
If you steal one there is a 30% chance that the car will be unlocked. 
Remember that you need to store the car in the garage soo you can get the keys.
"Can i sell my car?"
Yes, simply go to Sell vehicle on the map.
"I want to work as a Paramedic/Police/Mechanic"
You simply go to, register an account. And go down to the GTA 5 RP forums and go to the application centre. And there you choose what job you want to apply to. And follow the templates.
"I want to talk with someone in the SecretOne staff"
Join our teamspeak server or discord. 
Teamspeak ( here you can get help with the game, or report a player to us. (make sure you got evidence and a ID/name on the player you report.)
To join discord go in to, and look for the "join Discord" on the right side of the website. 
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