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loke Durant steam: Lowkeyy

TS: lowkeyy



yes I can speak English. I have the grade A in school.

i have read the rules and I do so nderatand the laws.

I have been playing role playing games for a pretty long time and it is one of my favourite game type

no but I have been paramedic before but I have been paramedic

around 16.00 to like 21.00 but depends on day

i would like to be a mechanic on this server because I love role playing and the mechanic does not get called as often like medics do and most of the time it's just guys who won't role play. Also I actually like cars and stuff like that in general so it would boost my role playing. I love this server and this is the only server that i play on. Play pretty often so I think this job would be suitable for me.

as I said I'm a 14 year old guy who loves to play GTA 5 rp. I am pretty good at speaking English but not very good at writing. I live in Sweden and I'm pretty active on this server. I do not play any sports so I am almost everyday able to go online. I have been on this server since the beginning I just wanted to add that if that even matters.

I hope this was enough but if it wasn't I can tell you more about myself in teamspeak.



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Lol i can now see how many spelling errors i had lmao

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Hey Lokey! 

I regret to inform you that you have been Declined regarding your current application to become a mechanic. 

The admins would like you to show a more mature side of your roleplay before granting you a pass into a whitelisted job. 

After you have proved this you are welcome to apply in the future.

Thank you for your application.


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