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Name: Felix
In game name: GG Allin.
Teamspeak name: GG Allin.
Age: 19.
Country: Sweden.
Can you speak english? Yes, of course!

Have you read the Rules and Understand the laws? Yes, I did/do.
For how long have you been playing rolplaying games?  I have played roleplaying-games for about 5 years. First SAMP, then MTA and last one GTA 5 RP.
Have you ever been a Medic on another server ? If so name the server. Yes, on the most popular one on MTA. (CIT) It wasn´t very advanced though, in my opinion.
Your active timeperiod per day (eg: 17-22) On the weekend, usually between 16:00 - 23:00. On the holidays, whenever I can. 
Why would you like to be a Medic on Secretone server? (Minimum 100 words) Ivé seen that the town is in a need of medics and I thought it looked like a nice and exiting job. I love roleplaying-games. Playing as a medic is a great chance to get the best out of the good. You get the chance to meet people in other ways, and honestly.. I feel like you are actually making people happy, cause like I said. The server needs more medics.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why you would be a valuable player? (Minimum 100 words) I am an extremly social person and I have the ability to talk to people in a respectfull and calm way. I am not the person who are going to deny a call cause I have a beef with someone, or because the person is far away from me. If I´m going to work as a medic, I am going to do my job. If we are talking about spare time, I usually sit at the computer and play video-games. Right now, since I find out about the GTA RP.. I am addicted!
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Hey there Felix your application has been APPROVED, get on our teamspeak and talk with an admin to get you started!


// Feffe

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