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[medic application - [dawid] [Medic Application - [Dawid]

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Name: Dawid
In game name: Camperr
Teamspeak name: Camperr
Age: 17
Country: Poland
I know the basics of English
i have read the rules, and i undestand them
Since i got my first pc, i played fallout 1 that was my first RPG game :)


I'm writing this message to convince you to make me a doctor. First of all when I was a little boy... I always wanted to be a doctor.... unfortunately because of my illnes I couldn't make this dream come true. It's been a long time sincethen but i still think abaut how my lfe would look like as a real doctor. That's why i came up with and idea-  I still can be a doctor but in this game. ! always thought: i had help people more-it is perfect.

opportunity for that. secondly there are few medics on the server. It happens that none of theme is online. Usually, there is only one medic (ghost_ and others are almost gone. An extra pair of hands will always be useful. What is more, I am on the server very often. To sum up everything, I m 17 years old, i want to be more involved and i want support people in need

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Hi Camperr, Im sorry but I have to DENY you're application because you didnt follow the template. 

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