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Name: Mikkel nyby
In game name: Juan rodrigres
Teamspeak name: mikkelzuma
Age: 06-11-2002 (15 years old)
Country: Denmark
Can you speak english? Yes.

Have you read the Rules and Understand the laws? Yes.
For how long have you been playing rolplaying games? 3 months i think
Have you ever been a Mechanic on another server? If so name the server. no
Your active timeperiod per day (eg: 16-23) If this is how long I can be on then i can be on for about 8h depending on the day/weekend/holiday
Why would you like to be a Mechanic on Secretone server?  (Minimum 100 words) I would like to be mechanic because the server needs mehcanics, i will help as much as possible and i would like to be a mechanic on a good server, since thats where all the fun is at. I know its my first time to be a mechanic but everyone needs a chance. I would prefer me as a mechanic because its a job a responsible player should have, because if there were no mechanics no one would be driving around by now. The point of me saying all this is that i am a valueable person and hope that i would get the job as a mehcanic. 
Have you applied to another other White-listed job recently? nope
How much do you know about vehicle parts, how they work etc? a bit
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why you would be a valuable player? (Minimum 100 words) I am a 15 year old, boy that lives with my mom and dad. after school i go home and turn my pc on and plays gta rp i like to play csgo but after i got gta i feel in love. i have met a couple of mechanics already plitch  and i would love to work with him but hes banned now:(  sorry i dont have 100 word ;(

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Hey there Mikkelzuma!

Your application has been Denied on the grounds that I will not add more mechanics to this current server. A new one is coming in a near future. Stay tuned!



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